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Press releases: 1985-2 (May-December)

File contains media/news distribution data sheets, and news releases issued by the Public Information Office (Judith Walker, Public Information Officer, Jack Hundley, Public Information Officer, or Margaret Carruthers, Public Information Assistant).

List of releases as titled on press release distribution sheets: Fred Gingell; Technolympics; Preparing For Fall in June; Graphic Students; Women in Business; Steve Kropp; Getting Into A Man's World; Maturity Matters in Micro Computer Marketing; Starting Your Own Business; University Grad Gets Job Skills At Kwantlen; Kwantlen Student Finds Happy Ending At Expo; Fundraising; Word Processing; Basic Techniques of Copper Enamelling; Enrolment @ Kwantlen; Voice, Movement & Acting; Credit & Collections; Fashion/Illustration; New Vice-President Mr. Gerry Kilcup; Consulting/CE, College & Institutes Week; PIO [Public Information Officer Jack Hundley] Appointed; Holiday Forecasts Fashion Show; Cottage & Industry Fair; Integrated Office; Registration; Public & Private Safety; Visual Arts; Nannies; Technologies/Carl Chiko.

Press releases: 1986-3 (June-December)

Files contains media/news distribution data sheets, handwritten copy, and press releases issued by the Public Information Officer.

List of releases as titled on press release distribution sheets: Art Students' Work Chosen; Kwantlen College Graduates 605; Technology Students Impress; Long Term Care Aid Honoured; Kwantlen Summer Convocation; Cutlines/Graduation Photo; IODE Donation; Arts Students Winners; Tony Wilkinson; New Acting President; K.C. Contract Settlement; Kwantlen Grad - Success [Paul Pierlot]; French Immersion; Data Processing; C.A.D. Training; Training for Word Processing; Works & Statements; Fashion Illustration; Chad Allen-Instructing; Kwantlen's Birthday Picnic; Registration.


File includes advertisement placement forms, ad copy, mockups, as well as correspondence pertaining to ads and ad content.

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