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Subject files collection
CA KPU C3 · Coleção · [1970-2022]

The collection contains miscellaneous published documents, pamphlets and graphic material including photographs pertaining in some way to Kwantlen College, Kwantlen University College or Kwantlen Polytechnic University and its employees, students or researchers

Senate fonds
CA KPU F51 · Arquivo · 1996 - 2021

The fonds consists of records that document the activities and functions of Senate and its various subcomittees/task forces

Publications collection
CA KPU C2 · Coleção · 1980 - 2019

The collection consists of published or widely distributed materials that were authored, published or commissioned by individuals, groups, departments, Faculties, Administrative or Governing Bodies within or associated with the Institution. Items include newsletters, reports (e.g. annual, financial, enrollment), directories, handbooks, graduation programs, award ceremony programs, and calendars.

Board fonds
CA KPU F03 · Arquivo · 1986 - 2018

Fonds includes records of the College Board and the Board of Governors

Institutional Analysis and Planning fonds
CA KPU F32 · Arquivo · 1986-2013

Fonds consists of fact books, surveys, enrolment and self-study reports pertaining to the institution and its student population

Marketing and Communications fonds
CA KPU F21 · Arquivo · 1981-2010, 2013

Fonds includes publications, press releases, event and promotional materials created by the Marketing and Public Relations Department, and media binders created by the Marketing and Communications Department

KPU Athletics fonds
CA KPU F50 · Arquivo · 1998-2012

Fonds consists primarily of newspaper clipping files, scrapbooks, and photographs including a photobook documenting sports activity at the Kwantlen University College and Kwantlen Polytechnic University. A large portion of the material focuses on men's basketball (the Kwantlen Eagles).

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Library fonds
CA KPU F20 · Arquivo · 1970-2011

Fonds consists of files pertaining in some way to the library or library involvement on college committees

Education Council fonds
CA KPU F42 · Arquivo · 1998-2008

Fonds includes documentation from the Education Council meetings

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